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From the story idea to the final product's distribution,
we contribute to your project with strategic planning
in all stages of creation.
We imagine it together, set up the workflow and make it happen.

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Konstantinos Baliotis

Konstantinos Baliotis is a producer based in Piraeus, Greece.
He has an ongoing collaboration with some of the most vital film production companies in Greece, such as Blonde, View Master, Marni, Stefi & Lynx, as line producer and production manager in short and feature length fiction and documentary films and TV series. As a producer started out in 2017 with the short film “Avanos” by Panagiotis Charamis. Since 2018 he has been working in development and preproduction for several feature and short films, through his production company, 2D2R.




As a production company, we make sure that

all the tiles will go in the right place,

according to the creator's vision.

Script and Production Development

Financing Planning

Co-production schemes


Principal Photography


Festivals and Distribution Strategy



Past, Present and Future



Niko Avgoustidi

short - in post-production

From the loudspeakers, it is announced that the lion is no longer in its cage and the zoo’s visitors are encouraged to move, without panic, towards the exit.

In the same announcement, we are informed that the lion is called Olivier and that he is a Leo with Cancer rising. We also find out that he is a shy lion, who finds it difficult to make the first step.

The visitors’ reactions are even stranger than the announcement.



Niko Avgoustidi
19'35" 2021

A grandson returns to his ancestors’ village for the winter.

A grandfather returns from death to see his grandson for one last time.

A village unable to cope with the returns that occurred out of love.

Mikes Glykas

Stelios Makrias

Yannis Kokiasmenos


Avanos (the feature)

Panagiotis Charamis

in development


Avanos (the short)

Panagiotis Charamis
19'52" 2018

Tasos, an ex-convict, is feeling responsible for his friend’s accident at their workplace, the local slaughterhouse. Kiki, a waitress at the local tavern falls once again victim to sexual harassment. When they both find themselves under extreme pressure, the eruption is unavoidable and the consequences are imminent.

Kimon Kouris

Marianthi Pantelopoulou

Nikos Georgakis

Nikos Ngelia

Kostis Siradakis

Nicoletta Charatzoglou

Drama Film Festival 2018


- Golden Dionysos
- Honorary Distinction for Best Screenplay : Panagiotis Charamis
- Honorary Distinction of Cinematography : Claudio Bolivar
- Honorary Distinction for an Actor in a Leading Role :

Kimonas Kouris
- Honorary Distinction for the Best Set :

Chrysa Serdari
- Film, Television & Audiovisual Technicians Union

Award of Technical Excellence



Andrea Mourati 4, 18547, Piraeus, Greece

+30 210 4171 525

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